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HMS GANGES Victorian Division Newsletter – (Masthead 229)

Victoria Australia

Chairman: David Lines.   Secretary: Harry Harrison 54, Tamworth Road, KilsythVic 3137

Telephone Harry 03-9728-3200 Mob. 0418809712



Chairman David Lines Opened the meeting, and welcomed all to the meeting.

Birthdays    Birthday Wishes to Jean Rees

Apologies  Owen and Carmel Dingle, John Hillman, Flo Livingston, Mary Stephens, Sally Briscoe, John and Maureen Hannant, Jean Rees, Charles Jenkinson, Harry Thacker.

Sick Parade John Hillman is undergoing medical procedures for skin problems. Albie Cunliffe is now staying at his son Brian’s recuperating after a stay in Knox hospital, to alleviate congestion of the lungs. Albie looked well at the meeting. We wish John and Albie good health and to all those with health problems. This is the worse year for colds and flu since 2009 and the swine flu that year.

Treasurers Report   Monies available $3,552:73

Correspondence Bank Statement. WA minutes. A thank you card from the Cunliffe family.

UK Association   All appears well.

 General Business 1) “2017 Get together at Club Mulwala” Chairman reported that there are 23 attending the get together. From Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand. Accommodation is booked and deposits paid to the club resort. Any member who has not paid their deposit please pay David. David has forwarded to all attending a room allocation list, menus for the Club dining rooms, a club membership form. For the price of $5 the membership benefits are discounts on accommodation, food and beverages in the club. If members fill in the form return to David he block send them on and members will pay five dollars and pick up card on arrival. There is a Chinese restaurant which provides a seafood and Chinese smorgasbord on a Thursday night David has canvassed attendees and the majority favour this for the Thursday night group meal. Secretary reported on the Wednesday bus trip this is under way a 25 seater coach is booked  and will consist of leaving Club Mulwala at 0900 with a visit to the Corowa Whisky and Chocolate Factory for coffee!! Then visits to Cambells and Bullers wineries Lunch at members choice and expense in Rutherglen (there are many and varied eateries and shops) along the main street. Returning via the Bundalong Tavern and be back at the club by 1600.  Wednesday night will be a BBQ and trivia with a small raffle. A full schedule will be forwarded before the next meeting. Members asked what the breakfast arrangements are. Chairman to check with management but it is understood breakfast is included in the tariff, but does not start until 0830 which many thought was on the late side. A number preferred the arrangement that bacon and egg sandwiches be provided as at other Vicdiv get togethers. If you have a preference please contact either Chairman David or the secretary.


AOB.  The secretary apologized to Barbara Canty for failing to acknowledge that Barbara not Flo contributed last month’s desserts Thank you Barbara

The Chairman then thanked Harry Kime and Flo for a tasty lunch and dessert. Joan Kime for organising and serving lunch and dessert. Harry Kime for attending the bar. There being no further business the meeting closed12:45hrs

Next Meeting     September 27th. 2017 at seven bells (11:30hrs.) at FNMC

Thought for the month: – when Fortune knocks open the door. 16th century.

Visit by Cliff & Christine Snelling – 25-27 Oct 2017

Morning all,
Have received an email from Cliff Snelling regarding his upcoming visit, is anyone able to host? I will be in Hervey Bay at this time so cannot.
Hi Scotty,
Christine and I are on a tour of Australia and NZ and will be Brisbane at the end of October.  I was wondering if there would be any chance of meeting up with some of the Ganges Queensland Division whilst we are there.  We have 25th, 26th and 27th as available days.
Cliff Snelling

HMS GANGES Victorian Division Newsletter – (Masthead 228)


Chairman: David Lines.   Secretary: Harry Harrison 54, Tamworth Road, KilsythVic 3137

Telephone Harry 03-9728-3200 Mob. 0418809712



Chairman David Lines Opened the meeting, and welcomed all to the meeting.

Birthdays    July Carmel Dingle with whom the Americans share a birthday Best Wishes Carmel

Apologies  Owen and Carmel Dingle, Rick Clark, Mary Stephens, Sally Briscoe, John and Maureen Hannant, Jean Rees, Charles Jenkinson.

Sick Parade Owen is still recovering from eye procedures. Judy Ernst in South Australia has been quite ill in hospital we wish both well and positive outcomes.

Treasurers Report   $3, 489:73

Correspondence Bank Statement. Shotley Buzz 53, Guzz armed forces parade Plymouth.

UK Association   Reading the latest minutes all appears to be going well. Secretary Cliff Snelling and his wife Christine are embarking on a grand world tour which includes Australia visiting most capital cities. They will be in Melbourne with a free day on the Sunday of the RNA Trafalgar lunch and have accepted our invitation to join is in celebrating Trafalgar day. With the train travel they have planned we may see a travel doco Great Railway Journey’s of Australia.

 General Business 1) The October get together. Chairman David asked that those attending pay the deposit of one days’ tariff $156 per room. David will email those concerned with bank details. 11 rooms have been booked with 21 attendees. The bus trip is on the Wednesday to Rutherglen calling at a couple of wineries lunch at Rutherglen at own expense.

2)  The ACT Division  The ACT division have decided to decommission with only Ivor Rothwell and Jeremy Harden it is no longer viable. Ivor asked if they can join the Victorian Division this is agreeable with Chairman David and secretary HarryH. The Chairman and committee in the UK have been contacted and the proposal meets their approval. To this end are there any objections from members. There being no objections secretary to email joining forms to Ivor and Jeremy. Ivor no longer wishes to have his name listed as a representative in the Gazette Dick Lord was contacted and future Gazettes will not list Ivor. Secretary of the Victorian division will circulate all UK items to Ivor and Jeremy along with the Victorian division.

AOB Harry Kime invited Members to the FNMC Annual dinner Saturday 28th. August 2017 19:00hrs Cost $30 including non spirit drinks. Dress No1’s jacket tie miniature medals. The speaker will be the former president of the Naval Association of Australia.. For bookings contact Harry Kime.

2) Mike Bennett explained the August 13th. lunch “It Ain’t Christmas what the Heck Lunch” at the princely sum of $10pp with Carvery  Yorkshire pudding roast potatoes and vegetables  Desserts of Rhubarb and Apple crumble and cheesecake. For bookings  contact Mike.

The Chairman then Thanked Joan and Flo for a tasty lunch and dessert. Harry Kime for attending the bar. There being no further business the meeting closed12:45hrs

Next Meeting     August 23rd. 2017 at seven bells (11:30hrs.) at FNMC

Thought for the month: No- one is ever too old to know better   Margaret Preston

Program for Vicdiv Get Together 16th. -20th October 2017

Sunday 15th. October 2017 Early Birds  GET Together

Monday 16th. October Arrival Meet and Greet RSL Club Mulwala.

Tuesday 17th. As you please Evening Meal RSL Club Mulwala

Wednesday 18th 0930 Bus Tour to Rutherglen:-  Morning tea at Corrowa Chocolate Factory visiting wineries TBA Lunch at own expense in rutherglen return with visit to bundalong tavern. Cost $25 not including lunch

Evening? BBQ and trivia.

Thursday 19th Stand Easy. formal evening meal at Club Mulwala

Friday 20th Departure.


HMS GANGES WA Division Newsletter Aug 2017


Held 27/07/17 at Fremantle Navy Club


PRESENT: James & Cathy Sharkey, Ian Critchley, Patrick Moore, Pete Greenfield, Paul Chapman, Brenda Chitty, Alex McKinnon, Brian Thompson, Buster & Charlotte Keating, Karl Campbell.


APOLOGY: Jan Faulks, Tony & Hilary Richards, Peter Godfrey, Gary Foley, Dave Parry, Rattler Morgan, Gail Critchley, Morag Campbell, Mary Anthony,



President James welcomed attenders and called upon Rum Bosun Alex to “Up Spirits”. He then called on Paul Chapman for his lamp swinger.



Paul Chapman chose to forego his tale given the low attendance. He did however share some of the content of his proposed topic for the next meeting and allow members to live in anticipation, it will be “Life in the RN – Tots, Drugs and Alcohol”


  1. ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES (25/05/17):

Moved: Alex McKinnon: Seconded: Buster Keating: “That the minutes of the general meeting held 25/05/17 be accepted as a true and correct record.” Carried.


3.1 Business arising:

  • Black Tot Day lunch (Paul Chapman-Social Report)
  • RNC quiz night (Reported in Hoist)
  • Visit to Malibu school (Paul Chapman-Social Report)
  • Future rum acquisition (Ian Critchley-Secretary Report)



President James reported the present sick list situation with members Peter Godfrey and Mary Anthony, both are on the mend.

James also spoke on the circulated proposal for ‘Management of the Division’ document and asked members to consider the implications of a failure to nominate for management positions. Comments and/or suggestions to the Secretary prior to the September committee meeting.



5.1 Correspondence


  • Various information emails
  • South African Division Newsletter “Masthead”
  • Queensland Division Newsletter.
  • South Australian Division Newsletter.
  • Devonport Division minutes
  • Solent Division minutes
  • RSLWA Sub-Branch Signal newsletter


  • WA Division March Minutes and May Newsletter.
  • Inward newsletters & minutes to Division members email list.
  • Various information and notification items to members.
  • Email to Jimmy Houston re rum supplies and BT Lunch.


5.2 Report

·         Jimmy Houston will be checking on future Rum supplies

  • Ian tabled a number of older Ganges Gazettes passed on by Ken Read, taken by Patrick Moore. He also tabled details of Navy Books (UK) publications passed on by Buster Keating.


Treasurer Brenda tabled the Bi-Monthly (25th May to 23rd July) Financial Report.

Balances are: Bank $1812.95, Petty Cash $348.12 and Outstanding $85.


Moved: Buster Keating Seconded: Cathy Sharkey: “That the Treasurers Bi-Monthly Report be accepted as a true and correct record.” Carried.


6.1 Report

  • With the management outcome at the AGM uncertain, it was suggested, and agreed, that Division subscription invoices will be delayed until after the AGM.


  • No further contact has been forthcoming from Richard Sims.


  • All is in hand for the Black Tot Day lunch at FNC on Wednesday 02/07/17
  • Paul asked for some indication of who will be attending the Malibu School on Wednesday 16th July, a number of members indicated they would be attending.


  • A request has been received from Rockingham RNA to hold the 2018 Sausage Sizzles on the third Sunday of the even month. This was agreed to in the affirmative by a show of hands.



Raffle master Cathy ran another successful raffle raising $58. Winners were; James Sharkey, Karl Campbell, Peter Greenfield, Peter Greenfield (Redraw) and Charlotte Keating.

Cathy thanked those who had donated prizes but pointed out that the number of prizes available is dwindling and asked members to consider donating further prizes.


  • Visit: Malibu School Wednesday 16th August – 1000 at School
  • Social Sausage Sizzle: Sunday 27th August – 1200 at RNC
  • Committee: Thursday 21st September – 1200 at FNC
  • Division: Thursday 28th September – 1200 at FNC