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Victoria Australia

Chairman: David Lines.   Secretary: Harry Harrison 54, Tamworth Road, Kilsyth, Victoria 3137

Telephone Harry 03-9728-3200


Chairman David Lines Opened the meeting.

Birthdays  Alby Cunliffe 93rd. Charles Jenkinson 94th. Ken Irons 88th. Very Happy Birthdays to the Three Amigos

Apologies John and Maureen Hannant, Charles Jenkinson, Owen and Carmel Dingle, Harry Harrison, Ken Irons, Rick Clark, Harry Thacker, John Hillman.

Sick List.  See From the Chair report.

Treasurers Report.  Total monies in Bendigo Bank account $4,009:42.

Correspondence Bank Statement, Solent Division, Buzz from Guzz South African Masthead. All correspondence was tabled in hard copy.

UK Association. Held a successful reunion at Gunton Hall which we understand is also the venue for next year. We welcome a new Chairman Dick Cross and wish him all success. Also a new secretary Nick Crow welcome Nick and all success to you.

We farewell Chairman Colin Gent and thank him for the steady hand on the tiller. Secretary Cliff Snelling for the excellent job he has done as secretary. We also thank Colin and Cliff’s wives and family for the support they have given both men in their duties. We wish them all a pleasant and peaceful time together.

Congratulations to Phil Bridge on his excellent work as treasurer, with the healthy state of the Association finances, it may help Phil recover from his heart surgery. A real BZ Phil for your work and our best wishes for a full and healthy life.

General Business:-

1) The Divisional Get Together: – Chairman David has covered discussions in his report which will follow. Canberra was decided on as a central position for interstate and international visitors to access more easily than country Victoria. The dates for the get together were formulated when there are no festivals or events taking place to our knowledge, also parliament is not sitting. The dates of the Sunday 1st. to Saturday 7th. were available to meet this criteria. We realise this is school time and may prevent some members attending due to family commitments.

I am in contact with a coach company who operate a 27 seat luxury coach for a possible day and half day tour. With Ivor Rothwells  knowledge of the area David and I thought that a trip to the Snowy Mountain Hydro scheme would be a chance to visit the scheme which we have heard about but never got round to visiting. If anyone has thoughts in regard to this please contact me.

For the Victorian members there was discussion in regard to hiring a mini bus to travel to Canberra however cost and comfort did not reach our expectations. Members will make their own way to Canberra and car pool where possible.

Chairman Thanked HarryKime for an excellent lunch. Joan Kime for the dessert and Mark Kinder for tending the bar.

There being no further business Chairman declared the meeting closed.

The next meeting is at Seven Bells *(1130hrs) Wednesday 22nd May. 2019. At FNMC

Regards – Harry Harrison

Thought for the month:- With the electi8on in mind, Truth lies at the bottom of a deep well!! Greek proverb

From the Chair

Meeting on Wednesday 24th April 2019.

This was a meeting bereft of members due, Sickness, or away baby sitting dogs, and various breeds of Animals for family, this left more of Harry Kime’s famous special  fried rice, for those that attended .  Never the less the numbers the Ganges spirit was still there.

Missing was Harry Harrison, having a well-earned break from society, and back to nature, tending the farm, where only, he has to argue with himself.  I think we all feel  that way sometimes, get away from everything, it clears the grey matter.  Charles Jenkinson at the time was in St John of God,. Frankston, for rehabilitation of a hip replacement, the first operation, proved to be a failure, and after finally ending up at the 3rd Hospital he had a second operation, which to date has proved positive.  (Awaiting a sitrep, as I cannot get hold of him) Harry Thacker was a no show, (forgot), this we put down to being unable to drive, Harry had a stroke, came through fine, but later in the week, he thought he had, had another stroke, only to find out it was a seizure, from which, the medical fraternity, have banned him from driving for a possible 12 months, is it the same the world over, it’s a long time to not be independent.

Alby Cunliffe, ended up in the St John of God Hospital in Berwick, unfortunately his spine is the problem, along with old age, his son Brian, said he is back in his Nursing home, but spends a lot of time sleeping.  Our visitations buck him up, and his frig is always full of Beer/Scotch/Rum, which loosens the tongue.

Rick Clarke our youngest member, and our staunchest, with his use of public transport, was also unable to attend

Mentioned was our trip to Canberra, in September, our Accommodation is at the Alpha Hotel, in the Suburb of Greenway, this is set at $139.00 per night, and the booking is from 1st September to the 7th September, anybody wanting to stay longer, please contact me, via  or 0421 068 443.  We have stayed there years ago, next door is the Viking Club, offering the usual Drinks/Meals/etc., it proved a very popular spot for evenings, and only next door to walk to bed.

Harry our invaluable Sec/Treas is in touch with a Coach Company, we thought, or at least, were told by Ivor……. That the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme at Cooma was a good day out, this we are investigating, plus other venues, and of course the War Memorial is a must, that could take 3 days if you read all the transcripts of deeds/Exploits etc.

Transport to Canberra, we had looked at a coach, but were dissuaded by the cost and also could be a case for discomfort travelling that distance.  For the uninitiated from Melbourne up the main highway towards Sydney, Canberra is 679 kms or 421.91124 miles. For Bette/Mike from Auckland 2306 kilometres or 1432 miles and from Perth 3723 Kilometres or 2313.36495 miles. Travelling these distances shows dedication to the Ganges spirit. The choice of Canberra will give people from Interstate a more central position to join with members from all over   Regards to all David Lines  Chairman Vicdiv HMGA.

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