The 6 P’s..

A former sailor checks his watch, he is 5 minutes early for his interview, looking in the mirror he straightens his tie and remembers his Chief Petty Officer doing this to him many years ago and saying, “Remember the six P’s shipmate! ‘Poor Preparation Produces Piss Poor Performance’ . . ” his words as he showed him how to tie a half Windsor knot, the ex-sailor checks the shine of his shoes, the length of his shirt cuffs protruding his suit jacket and cleanliness of his fingernails, he’s GTG.

The interviewer asks the ex-matelot what he can offer the company as it seems his 22 years of service may not offer evidence of his suitability.

The ex-sailor leans forward in his chair, “Excuse me sir if I may politely add I was not just a sailor, I was a brother to those that needed a brother, I have seen countries that most people dream about and seen things most people have nightmares about. I was trained to do things other people can’t, I am physically and mentally strong, I was trained to save those injured around me and encourage those that struggled close to me.

I served my country to protect those that couldn’t protect themselves, I worked hours that would break most people in some of the most horrendous conditions.

Sir I was more than a sailor, I was a Royal Navy Sailor

And I was a Royal Naval sailor, Amen Me Hearties, Splice the Main Brace!

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