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HMS GANGES Association South Australian Division Newsletter

The Shotley Buzz No56

Friday, March 09, 2018


We held our first meeting for 2018 yesterday, having stood down for 3 months in the hot weather, so what did mother nature do for us turned this week hot also, so I sent out a prior message to members to come in their short sleeved Ganges shirts leaving blazers and ties at home. We opened the meeting welcoming everyone, reading Charlie’s Prayer and observing a minutes silence for absent shipmates. We made a special welcome to Sid Groom and Elizabeth who had travelled from Murray Bridge, it was good seeing Sid looking good and talking so well following his severe stroke some time back.


It was International Women’s Day and as usual our ladies played a very important role in our gathering, amongst the ladies present was Val Freeman who organises the WRNS in SA and our treasurer Margaret Burgess, on reflection over the years at national reunions many a mention has been made by overseas visitors what impact the ladies have in Ganges Australia.


Apologies were received from Alan Ford at Renmark, Dave Diss, Jess Owen from the York Peninsular who sent greeting to members, Steve and Jan Plumb also  sent greetings to members they are moving to live in Malaysia for a couple or so years we wish them well in their new adventure, but will keep them on our list. Peter Thomas who is 98 YO 1st April was really looking forward to attending but he had an horrific fall earlier in the week and is great pain with a badly torn shoulder muscle, we wish him a speedy recovery. Tom Marling had to call off at the last minute his house is in chaos having the place tiled all the way through.


Margaret Burgess read the treasurers’ report.


Bob Chumley gave the welfare officers report he is undertaking a special task for a members shortly.


I must not forget to mention our special guest “The Ganges Round The World Gnome” he sat at the head table and everyone present signed his passport, in the next few days he will be sent to the Queensland Division.


There was a general concern amongst all members that we seem to have lost contact with member Bob Lipscomb, Bob is considered a valued  member by all, in spite of being very ill Bob has contributed much towards our branch particularly designing tables for members with a Ganges/ nautical design. Quite a number of members have tried to contact Bob with no luck, we all hope he surfaces soon.


Raymond and Mary Brewer recently visited Tasmania where Raymond was a member of the Police Golf Team playing golf against the other police State teams, Raymond won his game and the South Australian team won the competition.


During the meeting we had a chat about the recent newsletters from the Vic and WA branches pointing out the special mention of the article from Victoria about Jean Rees and in the Hoist from WA the wonderful photograph of the Vanguard and the article about the scale model of the Ganges mast.


We had a general discussion about future meetings it was difficult for me to plan a program for the year due to my ongoing treatment so at this stage we decided to plan from meeting to meeting, knowing we are very lucky with the venue where we meet it is almost like our own private clubroom. I will let members know soon when the next meeting will take place.


Raymond Brewer gave a number of naval badges to any member who would like one; Val Freeman readily accepted a WRN”S badge.



Business over we settled down to lunch and socialising, everyone seemed to be having a very good time enjoying each other’s company. Charlie Stanbridge accepted a few comments in good spirit about his newly acquired moustache, which suits him very well.


We closed the meeting at 1330


Yours aye

Derek Ernst




Group Photo 8th March 2018 Special Guest Ganges Gnome