Change of President

Charlie Greensmith has now handed over the reins to Graham “Scotty” Slaney, Scotty is a new member who served at HMS GANGES in 1974-75 before continuing his training as a Stores Accountant at HMS PEMBROKE in Chatham, he first went to sea onboard the Leander Class frigate, HMS NAIAD in 1976, where instead of sailing for the Far east he found himself bouncing around the Icelandic Coast Guard Vessels who were determined to destroy the fishing of the Hull and Grimsby trawlers.

In 1978 he was posted to HMS ARROW, a Type 21 frigate onboard which he finally saw the Far East visiting Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia as well as several Pacific Islands. It was during this deployment that Scotty decided to transfer to the Royal Australian Navy which he managed to do in 1980. In October 1980 he joined HMAS CERBERUS and in late 81 joined HMAS SNIPE – the ex HMS ALCASTON, after leaving SNIPE Scotty joined Clearance Diving Team One at HMAS WATERHEN and in 1986 was posted to HMAS STIRLING in Western Australia, he also served onboard HMAS GERALDTON (FCPB), HMAS SYDNEY (FFG), HMAS TARAKAN (LCH) and HMAS MELBOURNE (FFG). ┬áPosted to HMAS KUTTABUL, Scotty paid off after a total of 28 years service withy the rank of Chief Petty Officer.


He now resides in Kirra, (near Coolangatta QLD) with his partner Sue.

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