HMS GANGES South Australian Division (Shotley Buzz No 53)

The Shotley Buzz No53
20 July 2017 Today we held our July meeting at our usual venue the Eagles club Seven 22 Port Rd Beverely. We commenced with Alan Ford (64) reading Charlie’s prayer Apologies from Tom Marlin picking olives and making virgin olive oil. Steve Plumb, Mary Brewer, Trevor Rundle who is off to the UK with wife Beverly he says he will spread a good word about us to Ganges boys over there, Dave Diss and my wife Judith who was put into hospital this morning with a complicated blood disorder. I introduced our guest for the meeting my daughter Karalyn who filled Judy’s place. Our newly appointed treasurer Margaret Burgess gave her first report, and reminded members our annual subs of $15.00 were now due and could also be paid by transfer on line. Welfare Officer Bob Chumley asked members to please contact him when a member is hospitalised etc so he can send a card. I presented Alan Ford with a sealed colour photograph of the manned Ganges mast Alan was not a member when all others received this photograph. We are holding our Christmas function on Saturday 2nd December 2017, before we finalise with the venue members have been asked to submit any suggestions for the Christmas goodies etc. The formal proceedings were over relatively quickly and with the arrival of the meals which had been ordered everyone tucked in. At the end of the meal I gave everyone a slip of paper with the following word on it “Zythepsary” I had seen this word when chasing a crossword clue and it corresponded with the surname of one of our members, there was a prize for anyone who was able to name this member, phoning a friend was not allowed, no one came up with the answer, I then asked Raymond Zythepsary to stand, it means “Brewer” so Raymond got the prize a picnic bar. I informed members i would give them the date of our next meeting soon, with that I handed over to Vice President Mike Crowley to continue and to close the meeting. I and my daughter left at 1300.

Yours aye Derek Ernst President

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