HMS GANGES Western Australian Division Minutes of General Meeting 28th March 2019

Patron: Commander Philip Orchard AM AFNI RAN Ret.



Held 28/03/19 at Fremantle Navy Club


Present: James & Cathy Sharkey, Ian Critchley, Tony Richards, Patrick Moore, Gary Foley, Paul Chapman, Dave Parry, Jack Warner, Mary Anthony, Alex and Liz McKinnon, Buster & Charlotte Keating, Peter Godfrey, Karl and Morag Campbell, Brenda Chitty, Barry Morgan, Les Simmons, Nobby Clark.

 Apology:  Peter Greenfield, Brian Thompson, Tony & Jan Smith, Geoff & Ann Rumsey.

  1. Welcome & Opening:

President Ian welcomed attendees, introduced our guest Nobby Clark, and thanked everyone for attending. Ian then called upon Rum Bosun Alex to “Up Spirits”.

  1. Lamp Swinger Session
  • Paul Chapman

Paul continued with part 2 of his entertaining talk on the RN, Then and Now, relating to Rum, Bum and Baccy plus Tattoos Body Art and Piercings.

  1. Acceptance of Minutes (23/01/19):
  • Moved: Alex McKinnon Seconded: Buster Keating “That the minutes of the Annual BBQ Meeting held 23/01/19 be accepted as a true and correct record.” Carried.

 3.1 Business arising:

  • 20th Anniversary report (Tony Richards).

Tony addressed the meeting and gave details of the progress being made towards what will be an excellent 20th Anniversary Dinner at Miss Mauds Restaurant on 1st June. Special mention was given to restaurant manager Claus for his above and beyond assistance with the preparations for the event. Tony discussed the format for the evening, which will be promulgated nearer the time.

Paul Chapman was asked to give details of the Shep Woolley concert. Paul stated that the concert would be at the Rockingham Navy Club on 25th May and will include a light meal. The cost and start time have yet to be finalised.

  1. President’s Report
  • 20 years potted history

President Ian has put together a brief history of our Division from its conception in 1999 to the present day. Ian approached the office of his local MP and “persuaded” him to put the history paperwork into a booklet format for free. A booklet of our Division’s history with photographs will be available at the Anniversary Dinner.

  1. Secretary’s Report:
  • All inward and outward correspondence and information emails distributed.
  • The Division has applied to rejoin the RSLWA’s Unit & Kindred Associations Group.
  • Peter Godfrey has volunteered to be the May meeting Lamp Swinger.

Moved: Barry Morgan    Seconded: Tony Richards     “That the inward correspondence be accepted and the outward endorsed.” Carried.

 5.2 Almoners Report

  • Secretary James has been in touch with Ken Read who recently celebrated his 91st birthday, Ken’s wife Sonya is celebrating her 91st birthday today.
  • James spoke with Una Hughes now living in a care home in Augusta. Peter Hughes is suffering from dementia and Una visits him every day. Fortunately they have two daughters living in the area. I have passed my telephone number on to one of their daughters.
  • An email from Bill Hall was read out to the meeting and sad to hear that Bill is in poor health. Mary Anthony will be in touch with Bill and perhaps he can join us at our next BBQ at the Navy Club.

6. Treasurers Report:

  • Treasurer Peter read his financial report to March 2019:
  • Cash at bank $3252.00
    Petty Cash 121.80
    Rum Stock 6 bottles 390.00
  • Reminder: final day for 20th Anniversary Dinner payment is 30th April.

Moved: Alex McKinnon Seconded:  Cathy Sharkey    “That the Treasurers report to March be accepted” Carried.

  1. Raffle
  • Raffle Master Cathy conducted the raffle. The lucky winners were Pat Moore, Ian Critchley, James Sharkey, Tony Richards, Les Simmons and Rattler Morgan. The raffle raised $95.00.
  1. Other Business
  • Nil
  1. Next Gatherings;
  • Social sausage sizzle: Sunday 28th April – 1200 at RNC.
  • Committee Meeting: Thursday 16th May – 1200 at FNC.
  • General Meeting: Thursday 23rd May– 1200 FNC.
  • 20th Anniversary Dinner: 1st June at Miss Mauds.


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