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HMAS AE1 World War I submarine found after century-long search


The first Allied and Royal Australian Navy submarine lost in World War I has finally been found after a 103-year search off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

“Australia’s oldest naval mystery has been solved,” Defence Minister Marise Payne said.

“It was … a significant tragedy felt by our nation and our allies.”

HMAS AE1 was holding 35 crew members when it went missing off the coast of the Duke of York Islands on September 1914.

Twelve previous private and government-funded expeditions over the years failed to find the vessel, which was a grave to so many.

The latest, 13th and final search began on board the vessel Furgro Equato last week.

The missing sub was found yesterday 300 metres under water near the Duke of York Islands.

After the discovery, the crew on board the Furgro Equato took part in a commemorative service to remember the officers and sailors who lost their lives.

“The boat and her crew, who’ve been on eternal patrol since 1914 … have now been found,” Ms Payne said.

“I truly trust that this discovery will bring peace of mind to the descendants of the families of the crew who lost their lives on board and perhaps in time it may also enable us to discover what caused the submarine to sink.”

The submarine was the first of its kind for the Australian fleet and was 55 metres long.

“For the Navy, it demonstrates the persistence of a view that fellow mariners always have and that is, we always seek to locate and find where those who sacrificed so much for their country actually laid at rest,” Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Timothy Barrett said.

The previous searches helped to narrow down where the wreck might be and improvements in technology helped discover the final locations.

A deep drop camera allowed the search party to confirm they had found the missing submarine.

“The final confirmation in this particular case, having found an image on the seabed, was to put a camera down alongside that wreck and actually be able to determine that it had the features that we say belonged to AE1,” Vice Admiral Barrett said.

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VIDEO: Jeremy Fernandez explains the significance of AE1, Australia’s first submarine (ABC News)

The exact location of the wreck will be kept under wraps for now, with the Australian Government working with the Papua New Guinea Government to preserve the underwater site and to form a plan for a lasting commemoration.

The search party was jointly funded by the Australian Government, the Silentworld Foundation, The Australian National Maritime Museum and Find AE1 Ltd.

A maritime chart showing Rabaul harbour and the surrounding area, including the Duke of York group of islands.

Request for assistance – Richard Richardson

I need a bit of help.  Do we have any seaman out there somewhere?  As a communications rating I have helped hoist the
sea boat many times but I just can’t remember if the griping spar goes inboard or outboard of the boat.  I am making a model of
HMS Campanula  (the corvette which Nicholas Monsarrat served in during the second world war) and I need this information
for historical accuracy.  Any help would be appreciated.

HMS GANGES Victorian Division Masthead No 231

Victoria Australia

Chairman: David Lines.   Secretary: Harry Harrison 36 Barretts Road Langwarrin South Vic 3911

Telephone Harry 03-9728-3200



Chairman David Lines     Came to the lunch from hospital after an angiogram which indicated he will require a pacemaker be fitted at a later date. BZ David. Secretary:- Opened the meeting and welcomed John and Ann Horner for making the trip from Gisborn. A warm welcome was extended to Owen and Carmen Dingle and to John Hannant very good to see John after quite a while.A warm welcome to all.

Birthdays   November Winfrede Agnew, Winifred Harrison, Mike Bennett, John Hillman and Pat Vary Best wishes to all. Also our congratulations to Owen and Carmel, who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on the 18th. October Bravo Zulu Owen and Carmel.

Apologies Pat Vary, Jean Rees, Maureen Hannant, , Mary Stephens. Jane Clark sends her apologies but is in the process of finalising her late sisters affairs at Yackandandah, Jane hopes to be at the Kick Off meeting.

Sick List. Albie Cunliffe had another visit to Knox hospital with respiratory problems. Also Harry Thacker and Bill Agnew were hospitalised with respiratory problems.  David Lines has cardiac problems as detailed.

Interstate Ted Lavendar has a brain aneurism, also in SA Derek and Judy Ernst havebeen quite ill. Ric Broniman reported that Tich Oulds is suffering from a number of medical complaints including prostate cancer Tich is refusing treatment and is quite ill. Contact is by telephone or snail mail as Tich’s wife Maureen does not use the internet. The Victorian Division wishes all a positive outcome. The Division also extends our best wishes to Ian Critchley and family on Ian’s wife Gail Crossing the Bar.  Vale Gail.

Treasurers Report  Total in account b$3,387:73. The BBQ held at the Yarrawonga get together was paid for out of  Divisional funds

Correspondence  Bank Statement.WA Hoist, Shotley Buzz 55,Queensland News Letter

UK Association   The Association is moving along positively. Members will receive a membership card through Brenda Chitty the Australian Financial Administrator for the Association.

Treasurer Phil Bridge has had a hip replacement and is doing fine.

Secretary Cliff Snelling and his wife Christine are still progressing on their Grand Tour.

We the Victorian Division wish the Chairman Colin Gent the committee and all members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

General Business   1) The kick off meeting will be held on Sunday 21st. December 2017 At the FNMC. Due to the high price and availability of seafood the seafood entrée will not be available this year. Discussion was held as to the catering arrangements. Information on another caterer was tabled. As we have the kick off meeting fully catered for so our members do not have to cater or wash up the meeting felt this caterer would mean dishing up and washing up it was decided to get a quote from Gourmet Catering for three course meal with no seafood entrée.The date decide on is Sunday 21st. January 2018. Those wishing to attend please contact Chairman David or Secretary HarryH  with numbers guests are welcome.

2) There was a good turn out for Remembrance day. The service included the dedication of plaques to Ron Benton an associate member of the Victorian Division and Alan Guthrie both members of the RNA. Some Ganges members wore mauve/purple? poppies which signifies remembrance for the animals that have been involved in wars and conflicts. The poppies were a gift from the Mulwala RSL .

Our thanks to the President and Committee of the FNMC for organising the occasion.

3) Get Together 2017   The members at the meeting who had attended Yarrawonga Mulwala 2017 get together were asked for any comment all agreed it was an enjoyable occasion and the Club and accommodation first class.

2018 get together  members were asked if they wished for a get together be organised for 2018. All agreed that a get together be held.

Location of the event. There was considerable discussion as to the location. Places put forward were NZ, WA, interstate. A number of members put forward that we hold it in Melbourne either mid week or a weekend. Then those who find it difficult  to travel in Victorian country or interstate can attend various events if not the whole get together. Secretary said we could incorporate a service at the club to Remember all who have crossed the Bar and include the book of Remembrance held at the Cerberus museum and lunch at the FNMC. Chairman and secretary to investigate accommodation in the City such as the Ibis, Jasper or other suitable accommodation. Members should have a think as to suitable venues and attractions that are available locally for the event. Ideas and an outline to be discussed at February meeting.



Chairman David Lines Thanked Ann and John Horner for donating the home made Christmas pudding, brandy sauce, shortbreads and mince pies. Thank you John and Ann.

A Big Thank you to Joan Kime, Flo Livingston and Harry Thacker for preparing and serving the delicious lunch. Harry Kime and Mark kinder for bar service. Janet and David Lines for supplying the turkey and ham, and all who donated ingredients for lunch.

Gordon Canty for selling the raffle tickets and conducting the raffle draw.

.Chairman Thanked everyone for attending and making it an enjoyable occasion, and declared Up Spirits for a Christmas Tot or drink

Secretary Closed the Meeting

There is no meeting in December so we hope to see you all and any guests at the Kick off Meeting at the FNMC  Seven Bells (11:30hrs.)on  Sunday 21st. January 2018

Regards – Harry Harrison

The Chairman’s Christmas message: – To all Victorian members, I thank you for your support throughout 2017 to both myself and Harry Harrison, as we have said before, it is you the members that make this Association, and it is you that have helped us make the decisions we have needed to make throughout the year, and this includes the get together held at Club Mulwala . Everybody had a say in this, and I think that those who attended not only from Victoria, but also Australia Wide and N.Z. made this a worthwhile A laugh and a bit of fun go a long way to enjoying yourselves. We look forward to 2018, and planning a getaway later in the year, to wherever YOU decide. It leaves me to say, I hope you All have a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year. See you all on the 21st.. January 2018 for lunch at the FNMC. From David and Janet

As me move into the festive season and approach a brand New Year we remember those who CTB during the last year and all those suffering medical problems So when you raise a glass or two remember the good health to all and our absent friends. Harry Harrison Secretary





Message from the UK Treasurer


Dated 5 December 2017


To All Overseas Members


Members, We are now halfway through this financial year so I thought I would update you all on the Associations Funds.


Our financial situation as of today: 5 December 2017 is as follows:


Current Account:  £4,136.46     (Association’s Working Account)


Tracker Account:   £60,000.00   (Association’s Savings Account)


2016 Reunion Account:   £100.08  (Association’s UK Reunion Account)


Petty Cash:  £55.77


Fixed Assets:  £273.84


Therefore the Association has assets to the tune of:  £64,566.15


How some of your money has been spent, donations this year so far are:


£1,000.00 to TS Royalist, sponsor of 4 SCC for next years cruise.

£600.00 to Ivan’s SCC Fund (Double amount in memory of Ivan)

£225.00 to RN/RM Childrens Fund

£225.00 to RN/RM Charity

£200.00 to Wells next the Sea SCC set up fund

£100.00 to Royal Marines Poole, Tribute to CPO E.H.Pitcher VC DSM

£100.00 to Chelmondiston Parish Council, Chaplin Lizabeth

£100.00 to Meningitis Charity (Runner from Gunton Hall staff)


Prior to Remembrance Sunday we spent £2,250.00 on the Mylor Memorial, extension of slabbed area, complete clean up, a new pathway and new turfing. The work was completed by the Sunday and good comments were received by those attending the service.


New membership cards are being issued, these cost 0.38p each, some difference to the last lot that were arranged.


We have produced and presented HMS Raleigh with 3,000 Ganges Medals, (3 years worth) to be awarded to the Class Leader/Deputy of the Best Class to pass out each week.


There were again 10 lucky winners of £100.00 in the Membership Christmas Draw, this included Dave Bartlett in Australia and lucky old me!!


I had a hip replacement operation 3 weeks ago, all going fine, walking aided by one stick at present, start the physics programme in a couple of days. Hopefully back to normal in 3 more weeks.


Well that’s about it folks


May I take this opportunity to wish all our Overseas Members, A Merry Christmas,

Prosperous and Healthy 2018.

If anyone has any questions about finances, I’m only too happy to answer them via email,

I thank you for your continued support.


Phil Bridge 5832. Hon.Treasurer, Duncan 1965