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HMS GANGES Victorian Division Newsletter (Masthead 236)

Victoria Australia

Chairman: David Lines.   Secretary: Harry Harrison 54, Tamworth Road, Kilsyth, Vic 3137

Telephone Harry 03-9728-3200 mob. +61418809712



Chairman David Lines. Stood down from chairing the meeting, due to a medical adversity. Secretary  HarryH Opened the meeting and Welcomed all. David was wished a speedy recovery.

Birthdays Joan Kime, Harry Kime and Harry Thacker Happy Birthday to all.

Apologies Winifred Harrison, Owen and Carmel Dingle, Harry Thacker, Charles Jenkinson, Sally Briscoe, John and Maureen Hannant,

Sick List.  John Hillman, John has been in hospital and was gravely ill, but has once again rallied and it was really good to see him at the meeting almost hale and hearty again. All our very best John.

Since the meeting in a telephone conversation with Derek Ernst he informed me that he is now in Palliative care at home. The chemotherapy is no longer effective. He plans to step down as President of the South Australian Division. Derek has worked tirelessly for the SA division ably supported by his good wife Judy, who also has medical problems. The Victorian Division wishes Judy Derek and family our very best wishes for the difficult coming days.

Treasurers Report The Divisional general account stands at $3,897.48. With one un-cashed cheque of $200 for TS Tingara. Chairman David explained that due to circumstances the cheque has not been handed over to date. Available monies $3,697.48

 Correspondence Bank Statements. The Buzz from Guzz. South African Division Masthead. All commented on the professional presentation of the news letter.

UK Association   All quiet on the Northern Front. From press reports all are enjoying a warm summer, hottest for a number of years. Enjoy shipmates.

General Business 1) The October get together. Chairman David has paid a deposit on16 rooms at Cadell on the Murray Resort Moama.  David has paid it personally, so please pay $50 deposit to David at the venue. Secretary has organised bus trips a full day tour oh Tuesday 2nd. October to place of interest with lunch at Morison’s winery inclusive cost $93pp. Also a half day tour of local scenic attractions including the Great Aussie Beer Shed Folk Museum. Cost $73pp  A full itinerary of both tours will be promulgated. The tours are orgsnised by Ross and Jill Young of Echuca Maoma Bus Tours. Treasurer asked approval from meeting for $200 be transferred from Divisional funds to the operators as a deposit. Approval was given. Contact details are in the letterhead. A program of all activities is being formulated and will be circulated at the next meeting.

AOB 1) Mike Bennett Chairman RNA: – Said the June birthday lunch was a success and enjoyed by all. The July lunch will have a Mamma Mia Italian theme and the lunch an Italian cuisine flavour. Cost id $10 and this month for $2 you can purchase a thermal soup mug with heater to have a hot Minestrone soup. August lunch will be the Bah Humbug it Ain’t Christmas lunch will be. With the menu lamb and ham Christmas pudding and Champagne and Brandy Christmas cake. $10 for members.

Mike went into great detail of how he and his wife Sue have been hacked resulting in considerable stress. They now only have a mobile and no landline. Mike has had a message service set up for RNA bookings it is purely a message service, if people wish a reply please leave their number. The number is 5931647.

Mike stressed the importance of being aware of scam if you do not recognize the number delete the same for emails. Members should remember that government agencies and banks do not cold call requesting details. Hang up and call your local bank or the government agency to verify bona fides.

Harry Kime President of the FNMC gave a run down on the successful sausage sizzle held at Bunnings Frankston it realised about $2,000 for FNMC funds. He thanked all those volunteers who worked hard to ensure the success of the day.

The FNMC annual dinner will be held at the FNMC on Saturday the 25th.August at 1900hrs. Cost $40 for members and $50 for guests cost includes a bottle of white and red wine per table. It is a formal dinner to celebrate 27 years of the FNMC.

David Lines requested that the screen used at RNA lunches be moved back to enable the end tables to see the screen without having to move tables. Harry said he will investigate.

Harry also explained that funding has been provided to build a proper archive storage facility. For a fee associated Associations will be able to store archives. Secretary Victorian Division HMSGA HarryH said that there are documents and albums that the division would like to store. Secretary to collate and when appropriate, store them.

Reading different newsletters of the difficulty some Divisions are experiencing in finding suitable meeting venues we are fortunate to have the facilities of the FNMC available.

There was no further business Secretary HarryH Thanked Joan Kime for a delicious lunch and Ann Hillman for a delicious Pavlova and Trifle Thank you Joan and Ann and Thank you Harry Kime for tending the bar.

Next Meeting Seven Bells (11:30) Wednesday July 25th. 2018

Regards – Harry Harrison

Thought for the month: – If at first you don’t succeed— you’re like most other people.



HMS GANGES Victorian Division Newsletter (Masthead 235)

Victoria Australia

Chairman: David Lines.   Secretary: Harry Harrison 54, Tamworth Road, Kilsyth, Vic 3137

Telephone Harry 03-9728-3200 mob. +61418809712



Chairman David Lines. Opened the meeting and Welcomed all.

Birthdays John Hannant, Flo Livingston Happy Birthday

Apologies Mary Stephens, John and Maureen Hannant, Charles Jenkinson having a make and mend, Albie and Brian Cunliffe Albie is fine Brian the flu, John Hillman, Pat Vary medical appointment, Owen and Carmel Dingle on holiday.

Sick List. John Hillman has had some medical problems and has been in hospital he is now at home and recuperating. We send our best wishes that you are recovering well John. Also our best wishes to our barman Mark Kinder who is ill with pneumonia. It is the season of colds and flu so we urge you all to take good care of yourselves. Our very best wishes.

Treasurers Report The Divisional general account stands at $3,867.48. An uncashed cheque a donation to TS Tingara of $200 available monies $3,667.48

Correspondence Bank Statements. Minutes from May COM meeting, A letter from Mary Stephens to say she is now in an aged care facility and cannot attend meetings. She extends her best wishes to all.

UK Association  Steaming in smooth waters.

General Business 1) The October get together.16 Rooms are on hold at Cadell on the Murray Resort Moama. Chairman David explained costs are $105 for a double room, $100 for a single this an increase of $5 since our last stay 2016. There is also a large family room available contact David for details. Chairman David will pay the deposit on all rooms at $50 and pay David at the get together.

A bus tour with Echuca  Maoma bus tours has been arranged a full day tour on the Tuesday. Those present intending to attend voted  and with the preferences of those who contacted the secretary the second option which includes lunch at Morrisons winery for a cost of $93pp was decided on by a majority vote. The half day tour on Thursday was accepted. A program for the 5days will be formulated later. A copy of the bus tours will be forwarded to all who have indicated they will attend.

We have 21 attendees to date if anyone is interested but not sure of whether or not they can make it please contact either Chairman David or Secretary HarryH.

AOB  1) Mike Bennett  Chairman RNA:-    June 10th. birthday  lunch will celebrate the clubs birthday, the official Queen’s Birthday  and the 97’th birthday of HRH Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh. Requested that those attending wear 50’s attire.  “Mike stressed that those in un-ironed birthday suits will not be admitted.”

Birthday Entertainment will be provided by De JaVue and lunch catered for. For catering purposes those wishing to attend please contact Mike.

2) Harry Kime FNMC explained it has been a busy time for the club. There were 97 attended the HMAS Sydney lunch.

Chairman David thanked Harry Kime and Joan the Masked Chef for Lunch and Barbara Canty for a delicious dessert. Harry Kime for attending the bar.

Next Meeting Seven Bells (11:30) Wednesday 27th June. 2018

Regards – Harry Harrison

Thought for the month: – A little nonsense now and then , is relished by the wisest men Anon