Harry Harrison

Folks, this is just to let you know, that Harry Harrison, suffered a stroke on Sunday Afternoon, whilst visiting his Wife Win, in the Nursing Home, she now resides in. He was a lucky man, because an attendant found him and called a Ambulance straight away, he was taken to a local Hospital in the Suburb of Knox, who then straight away referred him to one of our main Hospitals in Melbourne ( Royal Melbourne), where a surgeon operated on him Sunday Night to remove a clot, which was situated in the regions of the upper neck.  Visited him this morning as soon as I knew, he looked the cheerful lad we all know.  As he said if it had have happened at home, I think the results would have been different.  He has movements in all limbs, speech slightly slurred, but nothing that he cannot overcome.

Can I please ask Phil would you let the committee know, harry had a lot of contacts in the Ganges Family
Scotty, although you have stood down could you please let the Queensland members know

James could let W.A. members know
Thank you All.
Any changes will let you know

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